#TV T21 COMmunity#

e-Skills social inclusion and employability (intercultural dialogue in tourism)


The Project aims at promoting and facilitating the social inclusion and the employability of European Down Syndrome youth citizens through Tourism and e-skills. The project also aims to foster, safeguard and promote European Cultural Heritage (via the promotion of Touristic activities), as well as requalification in terms of cultural, audio-visual and e-Skills diversity in cross-sectorial areas. These innovative methodologies, including information and communication technologies as well audio-visual could be solutions to help Down Syndrome young people and their families to guarantee the right to education, mainly when they cannot access education through mainstream avenues. In particular, TV T21 COMmunity wants to explore the different ways national services in Europe tackle this issue and to learn from the solutions they are providing for education of this target group in other environments outside regular schools. Focal points are providing opportunities to help achieve accreditation and progress to further education and employment.

T21 Community Results
Results that will contribute to increase awareness about Down Syndrome citizens and their social inclusion, by developing engaging learning environments for a range of marginalised young people at-risk of educational disadvantage and therefore limited life opportunities.


Sharing of Good Practices

Identifying key components that constitute a successful and engaging educational experience for learners and instructional roles within an online and blended learning environment

Exploring areas for the application of key components in the development of innovative approaches


Intellectual Outputs

Learning and Training Activities

Multiplier Event

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